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1Criminal Defense Attorney Tulsa

Have you been charged with criminal conduct? If you have been arrested, you need help immediately. We know how criminal law works in Tulsa and we can help you, especially if you are innocent.

2Tulsa Criminal Defense

Having the best Tulsa criminal defense attorney on your case can make all the difference. An attorney who knows the courts in Tulsa, and understands the law gives you knowledge and experience on your side. Moreover, a Tulsa criminal defense attorney makes for a credible partner who can defend you with integrity and honor.

3Worried About Criminal Charges?

Our firm understands that when facing criminal charges you are worried about losing your job, your license, or even your freedom. We realize an indictment can damage your reputation, give you unnecessary anxiety, and introduce you to all the stress that comes with a criminal case. The process of litigation is overwhelming and upsetting but you must know that you can always turn to us for legal representation. If you need a criminal defense attorney Tulsa for whatever reason, you may be a little nervous as to what steps you need to take.


“I am sending this card to say how much I appreciate everything you have done for me [in my case] and to say thank you very much!”


“I sincerely want to thank you for believing me even though the circumstances screamed I was guilty. It meant so much that you did not make assumptions or jump to conclusions before hearing me out. THANK YOU :)”